Zoneminder ramdisk

Installation, system configuration and management for cameras From the sandbox So, let's start, we will use: System: Ubuntu Server Step-by-step screenshots are attached.

To install Ubuntu The first window, select the installation language, in our case I choose Russian: Start the installation Ubuntu The next window will offer to write the name of the computer in my case, this is a tester. We write the user name: Enter the password, first writing it in a notebook: Next is the automatic setting of the time zone and asks if this is the correct time zone: Today I will select the automatic disk partitioning: Select the disk: and record the changes: Then the installation process will follow Ubuntu The choice of items in this step depends on what role your new Ubuntu server will play - it can be both a database server and a mail server, etc.

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In our case, it is necessary to choose the lamp and openssh server. Enter the root password for mysql: At the last stage, the installer will offer to install the system bootloader in the master boot record: A few seconds and you can remove the disk from Ubuntu Login as root: sudo su 2. There we write: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address Save the document. Paste these two lines:! We edit the sysctl. Insert into the bottom of the document the following two lines: kernel.

Ability to see the Russian interface. Click Add Monitor. And fill two columns with options. When viewing the monitor, we will most likely see a black screen, after playing around with the options, it is possible to see the image, but with great interference.

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How to solve this problem, I will tell in the next item to configure the cameras. Everything is a bit simpler with ip camera, go to the management console of our ip camera, we need three parameters: 1 username and password to access the camera via http, 2 path to the camera, 3 its resolution.

Go to the camera control console through a browser: Add a new user for example, test with a password test : We look at the resolution: Yeah, we have x This is not good, because The driver parameters of our device are not transferred to the kernel, we look further.

What we get a non-affirmative answer: Error : Module bttv is in use I spent a lot of time on rebuilding the kernel and other nonsense, the answer was simple. Our analog device was used, and it was used by the DVR, so that we do so. Go to Zoneminder: Further, this whole thing is necessary for us automatically, that would rise in the kernel, without manual launch.Since I published that article I have received several comments and questions regarding issues building MJPG-Streamer, so in this short post I'm giving you revised build instructions.

The videodev. Note that sometimes the link above fails to work. The source code download is a compressed zip file. Put the file in your home directory or a temporary folder, if you prefer and run the following to extract the files:.

MJPG-Streamer comes with several plugins, but only a couple of them are needed to stream video according to the method I explained in my previous article. The command below only builds what's needed:. I did not discuss installation in the previous article, and that confused many readers. The following commands copy all the needed files into system directories:. Now you can connect with your web browser and watch the stream live. I hope these instructions clarify all the aspects of setting up the streaming server on the Pi.

If you still have questions let me know below! Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog! If you enjoyed this article, please consider supporting my work on this blog on Patreon!

Seedy: The pages served by the web server are in the www folder and can be changed, as long as you don't modify the streaming portions. Good tutorial! Does anyone know a solution for the timeout problem? With "-t " raspistill runs hours. After that the process ends. Is there a possibility to run the raspistill process endless? Sascha: You can enter a larger number, I didn't check but that probably goes to a bit integer variable, so it should be safe to use something like 2 billion there, which will give you over hours.

Alternatively you can put the command inside a bash script that does an endless while loop, so that as soon as it ends it restarts. Great post, thanks for this and the other onevery helpful! If you manage to get more advanced streaming methods working as you've commented I'd love to see how you do it. The "more advanced" methods have better frame rates, but carry a delay of at least 10 seconds.

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I will be publishing a guide for HLS streaming soon. JP: Sure, you can create a ramdisk and write the jpegs there. Hi Miguel, after I tried to use my PI-cam, it worked fine for me. Since I moved the the PI to another location, I had to unplug it from power.

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After the reboot, I'm not able to get it working again - I just started with all commands after unzipping. And further same important : Which steps do I have to execute and where to write in these commands to start this everytime I boot the PI?

zoneminder ramdisk

Regards, Matthias. Matthias: you just need to repeat steps 7 and 8 above. I did one thing extra.RAM Disks can be very useful and if you have the memory available, using system RAM as a disk drive can really speed up certain operations. One common usage is storing the system temporary files or cached files from your web browser or other software. Another usage scenario is storing specific programs or data files you use often for faster loading.

zoneminder ramdisk

There are several applications around that can create RAM Disks for you, some are shareware or commercial products but quite a few are free to use. Although you might think RAM disks all work at the same speed because they use the same physical RAM, that is not the case. Better coded and optimized RAM disk software really can make a difference in how well the disks perform. Here we look at 13 free programs that can create RAM disks and run a performance test to see how fast each program is when reading from and writing to the RAM disk.

The popular disk benchmark tool CrystalDiskMark is used to run the benchmark. CrystalDiskMark runs each test with 5 passes so a single benchmark gives a good average. The 4K scores test small file performance while Sequential Seq scores test the speed of transferring larger files.

Depending on your intended use for the RAM disk, one set of scores may be more important than the other. A good score in all tests would be best for general all round good performance. Obviously, the slower your computer and system memory is, the slower your RAM disk will perform in comparison. ImDisk Toolkit. RAM disk size is not limited and there are options to load content from an image file or folder, synchronize at shutdown, enable compression, auto add temporary folders, and allocate memory for the RAM disk dynamically.

Higher limits can be purchased separately. The Junction tab is useful so you can easily create junction points to map folders to the RAM disk.

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One slight annoyance is the buy now nag that pops up when opening the user interface. Miray RAM Drive. Miray RAM Drive is definitely the easiest program to use here, but that comes at the expense of features. There are no real features to speak of, you simply click on the tray icon, adjust the slider to set the RAM drive size and press the power button to mount.

This can be expanded by purchasing a paid version. Dataram RAMDisk. The only major differences are Dataram has a smaller maximum RAM drive size of 1GB, you can select a FAT or unformatted filesystem and there is an option to choose a boot sector type. The AMD tool has additional options to choose what type of disk to load on startup and which drive letter to assign the RAM drive to.

Both periodically popup an ad window.ZoneMinder is a very popular opensource security camera monitoring, motion detection and recording system, with the following features:. ZoneMinder Home Page. ZoneMinder User Guide.

ZoneMinder Frequently Asked Questions. ZoneMinder Configuration Files. ZoneMinder User Forum. ZoneMinder Logging - for debug purposes. Having read the above article, as in all things, requirements depend on what you want to do with ZoneMinder. In particular, the following questions need to be answered:. Note that high resolutions greater than p and frame rates greater than 10 per second are not useful for a security monitoring system and impose significant costs in terms of CPU, Memory, Storage and IP camera specs.

So, if 4K resolution, 6o frames per second, many cameras are desired, this requires very expansive hardware with significant costs. This is outside the scope of this document and SecureOffice.

Since ZoneMinder is a premium package, a subscription to the SecureOffice premium package repository is required. Select or verify your existing old PC's, laptops hardware using the following sections. Successful experience has shown that ZoneMinder with 4 IP cameras at p, 24 bit color, event detection and recording, also running a Sme-Server virtual machine this website, in fact and SecurePBX phone system can be successfully run with the following configuration, assuming moderate load such as a home, small business or SOHO installation.

Four IP cameras is assumed adequate for any home or small business. ZoneMinder is integrated with the Luci configuration interface for SecureOffice, so is privately accessible unless configured otherwise. It displays configured cameras, camera mode, motion detect events and event storage. Figure 2 shows the ZoneMinder "Montage" view which displays all configured cameras using a selectable layout.

Figure 3 shows the ZoneMinder "Event Timeline" view. It is accessed by Console, click on the event count for the camera of interest, select "Show Timeline. An events versus time graph is shown.

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Hover mouse any event on the graph and the event will show. Click the event image and the event will play. This is where ZoneMinder really excels: rapidly analyzing and locating events, such as when you were burgarlized. The cameras are configured for x - p, 24 bit color at 10 frames per second.

Figure 1: ZoneMinder Console. Figure 2: ZoneMinder Montage. Figure 3 : Event Timeline. The "zmc" process refers to "capture".This is a common mistake. Most users should never change this value. If you intend to record events to a second disk or network share, then you should mount the drive or share directly to the ZoneMinder events folder or follow the instructions in the ZoneMinder Wiki titled Using a dedicated Hard Drive.

This is simple and efficient except when you have very large amounts of events. Some filesystems are unable to store more than 32k files in one directory and even without this limitation, large numbers of files in a directory can slow creation and deletion of files.

If you intend to save images to a second disk or network share, then you should mount the drive or share directly to the ZoneMinder images folder or follow the instructions in the ZoneMinder Wiki titled Using a dedicated Hard Drive.

This indicates where to look for this file. It will be installed into the cgi-bin path given at configuration time. This option determines what the web path to the server is rather than the local path on your machine. This version of ZoneMinder can use an alternate method, mapped memory, instead with can be enabled with the —enable—mmap directive to configure.

This requires less system configuration and is generally more flexible. However it requires each shared data segment to map onto a filesystem file. This option indicates where those mapped files go. You should ensure that this location has sufficient space for these files and for the best performance it should be a tmpfs file system or ramdisk otherwise disk access may render this method slower than the regular shared memory one.

This reduces the need for port assignments and prevents external applications from possibly compromising the daemons. However each Unix socket requires a. This option indicates where those socket files go. Most generate helpful log files and this is where they go. They can be deleted if not required for debugging. This option determines where these images will be stored.

zoneminder ramdisk

The images will actually be stored in sub directories beneath this location and will be automatically cleaned up after a period of time. ZoneMinder 1. Read the Docs v: 1.I have been working for several years on building a security camera system.

I have finally found a camera that I really like. Previously, I had tried a number of things that did not work very well:. So, while I am not in the security system business, I have spent a considerable amount of time and money studying the subject.

What had really puzzled me was the differential between the ordinary consumer photo cameras, which had low prices and good quality, versus the security world, where low quality and high prices were the rule. I reasoned that since these were much the same inside, eventually someone would repackage the parts into what I wanted. So I kept looking on eBay for an inexpensive camera with good quality. There was no information about this AOTE brand anywhere on the Internet, but still the package was tempting and I ordered one.

It arrived in about 15 days from China and was well packaged. Below is the eBay link to one of the cameras. There are lots of different models. These mostly differ in the housing and how many LED lights are attached. The cameras inside are comprised of a small stack of 1.

By adding another layer to the board stack, you can get additional features, such as Power over Ethernet POE option. Alternatively, you can get different CCD sensor options on the front board layer.

There are also various lens that can be selected. The box contained the camera, a CD Rom disk, a power supply, and a sheet of paper with some brief instructions. I do not normally use the Windows operating system. Instead, all of the computers around my house run various flavors of Linux.

ZoneMinder Forums

I used the Linux Wine program to install the supplied software. It ran somewhat but not too well. I dumped the. With this information, I was able to stream video from the camera using the VLC program as the client. Encouraged, I ordered another and then later another, as money allowed. I now own three of these cameras. As more and more Internet Protocol IP cameras were developed, the various models would have divergent features and interfaces.

This was troubling to systems integrators who had to combine the various devices into a functioning security system. So the purpose of the ONVIF specification was to define an interface that could be used to query the camera and have the camera respond with its specifications. So, for example, here is the command to get the device profiles by sending the contents of a pre-written file with the SOAP XML as the contents.

In the end, what I discovered is that to access the camera, you had to first invoke this GetProfiles function.In order to allow the Nagios system to run thousands of alert checks per minute, we needed to tune a few things in Nagios. We need the ability to monitor a part of a page. The content needs to be able to match content on a page using regular expressions. Also needed is the ability to log into the page. We need to be able to catch the values in the " " areas listed above and check against those values.

Varnish has a set of command line tools and utilities to monitor and administer Varnish. These are:. Boost is a contributed module that provides static page caching for Drupal websites.

How can I stop ZoneMinder filling up my disk?

It can help you realize a significant performance increase for personal blogs, small business, corporate sites, portals and directories that receive mostly anonymous traffic. The built-in crawler makes sure expired content is quickly regenerated for fast page loading.

I'm a fan of Fedora and Ubuntu, but for different reasons. Fedorawhile unpolished, is a solid distro for adventurous Linux users and developers who want to be on the bleeding edge. Power users deserve a good distro that is usable and feature-complete without a lot of polish or distraction - and that's what Fedora is. Ubuntu is the flip side. It's very polished, closing in on Apple in terms of usability and applications.

It's not quite there yet, but getting closer and certainly a persuasive distro for people switching from Windows.

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If you're looking to get a friend started with Linux, don't hesitate to begin with Ubuntu. To install the Foscam control script: find where the control scripts are installed on your distro. In mine I found the files in:. Thanks to Foobarist for the following:. Your Drupal 5. Drupal's themeing system inserts the following line into your website's source. This is why when you view your site, you see a favicon in your browser, even though there is no favicon. Skip to main content. Setting up Varnish Varnish has a set of command line tools and utilities to monitor and administer Varnish.

The state of the Linux desktop I'm a fan of Fedora and Ubuntu, but for different reasons. Updated for Fedora 19 The Foscam cameras have pan, tilt and the ability to set and move to preset locations.

There is no favicon. Search form Search. How to setup Home Video surveillance Apache Solr 3 on Drupal 7 Turtorial Drupal 7 is slow, speed it up by Cyber crime and data regulations Cyber Security. Tuning MySQL. How to setup awstats-Web Analyser. Add items to the Ubercart cart with Kodiak Camp.


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